It’s Girl Scout Cookie Time – BLEH…

Published February 13, 2013 by khill41818

I’m really getting tired of Girl Scout cookies, and we’re only about 10 days into this year’s season.  It’s brutal to be out there, trying to peddle cookies door to door the first two weeks in frigid cold and snow, not to mention how cut throat the program has become.  Since the powers that are in charge decided it made more sense to give the girls the cookies and then put the pressure on us to sell as many as possible in  the 6 week season – it’s very cut throat and very few people follow the rules…

Emily and I have been out 3 of the 4 weekend days selling.  We did a good portion of our neighborhood – we only have two streets left on our side of the main secondary road, and then we’re going to cross over and keep going.  She’s currently at 301 boxes sold.  Keith says she has to sell 1000 boxes of cookies if she wants to go to horse camp so HE doesn’t have to pay for it.  Excuse me?  WHO is paying for her to go to camp?  Seems I did that last year, and I will be doing that this year.  I never had the chance to go to camp when I was a girl, and I would have loved to have gone to camp for a week… so I’m making sure she gets the chance to go.  Granted, she HAS to get off her duff and get out there to sell cookies to earn some cookie credits to pay for a portion of her camp this year since she’s going for two extra days, but as long as she’s trying to sell cookies, I’ll pay if she doesn’t make Dad’s goal.  Of course his contribution to “helping” is he brings a bag of cookies, leaves a sign on his desk saying “I’ve got Girl Scout cookies” and IF people ask him about them, sells them.  Very passive attempt, and he refuses to go out with her with the cart of cookies to try to sell door to door.  UGH!!!

Other troops are positively brutal in how they are handling their cookies.  Keith’s work is a complete waste of time to try to sell at – because last Friday one of his coworkers brought his daughter in with a cart they loaded up and went to every single desk trying to sell cookies.  There’s 11 floors of employees, and they hit every single person on every floor – except for people who were selling cookies for their own daughters!  Girls were out selling prior to Go Day.  The Legion where we’ve had our booths for the last two years was hit the night before the start day by one of the regulars’ grand daughter – not sure how that’s going to go for us going forward.  The Assisted Living facility we have a booth lined up for in March – they had a troop set up in there over the weekend when booths weren’t allowed yet and they were selling a ton…  People are selling cookies in the parking lot at the grocery store, and if anyone says anything – they just drive away…

We’re still keeping the booths we have at the Legion (we’re the only “legit” booth they allow in, and we can be there every Friday and Sunday thru the season if we want) and the Assisted Living Place is at the beginning of March – so hopefully no one else will try to go in there and sell too.  Emily and I are going to go to the Osseo Legion tomorrow and then have a booth at Dunn Brothers on Valentine’s Day morning.  I think she’s signed up for 7 of the 16 booths we have scheduled at the moment.  If we do well at the Osseo Legion tomorrow, I might try to schedule a couple more during the season.  We’re also going out and try to sell as much as we can the next two weekends – if the weather will allow.  Last year was so much warmer, and we weren’t dealing with all the snow and cold like we are this year.

And I’ve only eaten one box of Tagalongs so far this year.  I have no desire to eat them…


Nicknames that flopped and then stuck!

Published January 15, 2013 by khill41818

So I had a parenting moment that backfired.  I hate when that happens lol!

The kids were playing like normal.  Well, actually, Emily was bossing Andy around while they were playing.  And at some point she decided to start calling him “Dog Breath”.  No explanation.  Just “Dog Breath”.

Andy, of course, decided he hated his new nickname, and Emily, being the dominant or evil twin, decided she had to keep twisting the torture screws tighter and tighter and make her brother cry.  So I said “Knock it off Cat Fart.”

Off the top of my head.  Seriously.  Not like I sit around thinking these things up.  The boys are of course reduced to hysterical laughter – including the Hubby.

“Where – did you – come up with – Cat Fart?”  gasps the Hubby as he’s laughing.

“Dunno.  It just kinda slipped out.”  I roll my eyes.  “I thought it would be insulting to Miss Kitty.”

“Hey Cat Fart!  Get in here!”  Hubby yells for Emily.

“Stop calling me Cat Fart!”  She’s fuming.

“Stop calling your brother Dog Breath.”  I toss at her.

“Cat Fart!  Cat Fart!  Cat Fart!”  Erik starts bouncing around the kitchen, chanting at the top of his lungs.

“Watch out Monkey Butt, or I’m going to give you a nasty name too”  I glare at him.

“She will too.  Mom chose your names when you were born.”  Hubby points out.  “You’re lucky she didn’t put Cat Fart, Dog Breath and Monkey Butt on your birth certificates.”

So Andy dried his tears since Emily had a worse nickname than he got, and his is better than Erik’s.  Erik screamed like a girl and disappeared into the basement, and Emily just screwed up her face and growled at me.  The way her eyes were twinkling, I think she actually loves her new nickname.

So of course, now they use their terrible nicknames all the time.  Oops.

Girl’s Gonna Change the World

Published January 15, 2013 by khill41818

So Emily came home from school one day last week – very excited and talking about 1,000 words a second.  She flew in the door and shoved a magazine under my nose and said “We NEED to do this at my school!!!”  So I pull the magazine away from my eyeball where it was stuck, grabbed my readers and actually read what she was so excited about.  It was a contest for schools to win money for their school by doing a project with a certain theme and submitting an essay and photo of what they did.  Top money is $10,000.

Emily:  Mom – we can win $10,000!!!

Me:  You have to get your teacher to help you.  She has to submit the entry with an essay.

Emily:  I know.  But she’ll help us, I know it.  We could do so much with that money at our school.

Me:  Like what?

Emily:  I dunno.  Lots of stuff.  Like hire Miss Nancy back to the library.

Me:  $10,000 isn’t enough to rehire Miss Nancy to the library.  I saw she was working in the office now.  (Can’t afford a librarian for the school, but we can have another secretary…)

Emily:  I know, but she belongs in the L-I-B-R-A-R-Y!!!  I can’t find books without her.

Me:  Doesn’t your teacher help you?

Emily:  Sometimes.  But I like the books Miss Nancy helped me find better.

(I’m groaning to myself now.  How do you explain budget cuts and “non-essential” personnel to an 8 year old when the sun rises and sets on the school’s librarian?)

Me:  Well, maybe we should back up and figure out what you’re going to do for your project.  You have to have an idea what you want to do when you talk to your teacher.

Emily:  I’m going to write her a letter telling her we should do this and she can figure out what will win.

Me:  No, I think you need to come up with the idea so she knows you have given this some thought.

Emily:  But what if the principal says we can’t do it?

Me:  I don’t think your principal will say no to a chance to win some money.  But if she does, I’ll make sure you can go to the PTO meeting and you can tell the PTO what you want to do.  They probably won’t say no.

Emily:  I could tell them we could use the money to buy books for the library.  Good books.  Because we don’t have anything new.

Me:  Have you read all the books in the library yet?

Emily:  Well, no, but everyone tells me we have NOTHING to read.  And everyone should have something good to read.

So she wrote a letter to her teacher, photocopied the page out of the magazine with the details of the contest, and turned it in to her teacher.  As of last Friday, her teacher loved what she submitted and was going to go talk to the principal about getting permission.  Emily said she had a substitute today, so she has no idea where her idea is at the moment.

Can we just skip Monday on the calendar?

Published January 15, 2013 by khill41818

So I’m having one of those days – you know – where the best fix in the whole wide world is to eat everything smothered in gooey chocolate. Seriously.

Started the day with NO one was up before the crack of dawn. Except for the hubby – but he was already hard at work for a couple hours by the time I crawled out of my nice warm bed to discover that the kid who normally gets up as soon as Dad leaves for work to indulge in as much mindless dribble On Demand as he can – is still sound asleep. As are the twitters. Even Maggie didn’t want to get up. I kick everyone out of bed – toss the dogs out into the single degree weather and rouse crabby child #1 out of his cave. When he wakes up crabby, he’s mean and snarly, and I think spits some sort of poisonous venom on his sister – because then she turned into Hissy Kitty and it was pretty much a free for all at that point. Then the Clueless one decided he needed to get in the middle of things because he was feeling left out and all I heard was whining because Snarly Butt and Hissy Kitty turned on HIM. Oh joy. I’m going to go lock myself in the shower. Get everyone dressed for the cold. Wind chills are below zero, so I’m trying to get everyone bundled up. Clueless one can’t find his hat. I find a hat, but not HIS hat. Cram it on his head, tie his scarf around his head and shoved him out the door with a warning to get to the bus stop BEFORE the bus gets there because heaven help me, I’m NOT dealing with parent drop off today.

Hubby decided to scrape the van windows today. So not appreciated by me… The part of the windshield he didn’t dust the snow off of – completely clean with a flip of the wipers. Everywhere he “scraped” the snow – was covered with that heavy frost that does not like to scrape off. 10 minutes later, I can sort of see, so I decided to go to work. Luckily half the world either decided not to work today or their cars wouldn’t start, so there wasn’t a lot of traffic. Still, the wind whipping across the parking lot and the 4 lanes of traffic I had to play frogger across to get to work made me happy I wore my long johns today J

Then one of the first emails I read at work is that one of my former co-workers passed away. Very sad, she was a very nice lady – had a heart of gold and always a kind word when you needed it. Her funeral is tomorrow, and I’m trying to decide if I want to stop at the visitation on my way home from work. The funeral home is like 8 blocks from my house, but I have a feeling it will be packed. I feel really bad for her son – who I’ve also worked with – and her grandson. She was all they had. So that kind of put a cloud over the day.

Since I had to stop at Target for milk and cereal on my way home today, I did buy some chocolate. Fun size Snicker bars. I ate two and I HID the bag. Seriously – if I hadn’t – the bag would be GONE by now. Hubby is a walking garbage disposal. He ate lunch at work. I had supper in the oven when he got home – needed to wait maybe 10 minutes for it to be done, and the man opens a box of cheez-it crackers and starts shoveling those in as fast as he can. I tell him “You have about 10 minutes until supper.” and he grunts at me. Hmmm. I’m looking at what I bought out of the $300 worth of groceries on Thursday, and there’s maybe 20% left, and the stuff that’s left is like pasta, and mac and cheese and canned soup, and MEAL stuff. Anything remotely snack food related is pretty much gone. Then as soon as he’s done eating supper – back to the cheez-it crackers he goes. The brand new box is half empty on the kitchen table. I bet it will be gone by breakfast tomorrow, because, you know, no one else in the house could possibly want to eat any. So I hid my damn Snicker bars where I know he won’t look!

Em had dance class tonight, and Hubby had a Boy Scout meeting. I took her to her dance class, and he went to his scout meeting. The boys stayed home and stared at the On Demand stuff they know they aren’t supposed to watch. (Boy, are they going to be upset when I lock a few more shows up.) Gonna be darn lucky if I don’t completely lock everything on Cartoon Network except for Mom’s shows. The boys should have been home for only about a half hour, so I don’t think they watched too much. Oh, did I not mention the Boy Scout thing? Hubby decided about two weeks ago to volunteer to be an Assistant Scoutmaster for the Boy Scout troop that our Cub Scout troop usually evolves into. I totally get that he likes the leadership at the troop and he’s trying to get out of being the acting Cub master – but joining the Boy Scout troop over a year ahead of our son??? Asked him about it and he snapped at me “I want Scouting to be fun again. It’s not fun with the Cub Scouts because I have to make all the decisions.” Eeep. He even dropped that little bombshell at the Den Meeting last week that we needed a new Cubmaster by March, because he was one as of March. He’s still going to be the Pack Committee Chair for Cub Scouts, so he’ll still be around – but since none of the other parents will probably step up – he’s going to force me into the position of taking the Cubmaster job on top of Den leader and Girl Scout troop leader. Wonder if I have time for another Snickers bar before he gets home?

Hello 2013

Published January 2, 2013 by khill41818

Well, 2013 is here.  It better be a better year than the last two years have been.  I do have to admit, most of the last two years have been quite rotten – personally – and I’m ready for some better times.  One of the few great things that happened last year, is I got to be better friends with one of the kids’ friends’ moms – I knew who she was from the couple times I saw her at Cub Scouts the previous year, and when the kids started tennis this summer, she was there.  So I approached her, and we’ve been chatting/talking like we’ve known each other for years now!  She agrees that has been the high-light of her year too lol!

Since Erik came down with Influenza B on December 23, we ended up being stuck at home for the holidays.  Literally.  Keith took the twins to church on Christmas Eve because they needed to sing in the choir, and Erik and I stayed home.  Opened packages, the kids played with their loot, and the next morning, did the Santa thing.  I could have worked during the week, but didn’t.  So I’ll make up for it during this week/weekend and adjust my schedule for next week.  We went grocery shopping on Thursday, and then stuck around home until Saturday night when we went to his sister’s house to let the kids exchange gifts, and then home again.  Had dinner at my parents’ house on New Years Eve so we could celebrate Christmas with them, and were home by 8:30  I’m so glad we’ll all be going back to life as normal tomorrow!

I did do a lot of stitching.  Like probably close to 5,000 stitches on the Epic Pokemon pattern I’ve only had printed out and waiting to start for over a year.  I’ve gotten over the first page done, so only 29 more to go!  It’s a fun thing to stitch on because each of the Pokemon are so different, and they aren’t THAT difficult to stitch.  There’s only 151 of them, and I’ve got 6 done, and a three more partially done. It will be interesting to see how long it takes me to get it done.  I’m taking a photo at the beginning of every stitching session, so I hope to eventually have an album showing progress somewhere.


Come on 2013!!! The Year of Stash Stitching

Published December 21, 2012 by khill41818

So I sat down with my Stitching Plan from last year, and honestly, I don’t think there’s much I will be changing on it.

My rotating projects are going to be the following:

1.  Broadway – finish the back-stitching

2.  Epic Pokemon

3.  Connections by Mystic Stitch

4.  Britty Kitties (finished 2/10 last year)

5,  HAED – QS Reflections 2

6.  Buttoned Up Birdies by Victoria’s Sampler

7.  Dog Rules for People by L*K

8.  Penguin Promenade

9.  Singing Mermaid Sampler (try for at least another 4 pages)

10.  Ghoul Train

11.  6 Bats and Witches Hat

12.  Zombies by Prairie Moon

I decided to ditch the Spanish Mystery Sampler SAL.  It’s pretty, but it just doesn’t hold my interest like it used to, so I am putting it back into UFO land for the time being.  It’s over half done, so I don’t really want to toss it out – I just think it needs a year off of my list of projects to work on.  As I finish the top 12, I’ve selected these as the back-up/fill-in projects (in no particular order other than WIPs are listed before new):

1.  Bob Harrison Cats

2.  Halloween Gamboard

3.  Gingham Dog

4.  Calico Cat

5.  Fuji

6.  Haiku

7.  KK Cardinal SAL

8.  Outrageous Owls

9.  Fractal 14 – 2 or 3 pages?

10.  Split Rock Lighthouse

11.   Music Pink and Blue II

12.  Noah’s Sub – 1 page?

13.  Polka Dot Purse

14.  Polka Dot Shoe

15.  Hoot!

16.  Gobble til you Wobble

17.  Halloween Rules

18.  Cirque des Triangles

19.  Little Ballerina

20.  Ballerina Bunnies

21.  Black Cat Manor

22.  Eclipse

23.  Fjord Ponies

24.  Halloween ABC

25.  99 (Bottles)

26.  Meredith Marks designs (I have something like 6 OOP patterns I just got off of eBay.  I love them all, and they might be fast stitches!)

It will be interesting to see what I actually get done.  I know I over plan what I WANT to stitch, and think I have more time than I really do.  And just because I have things on my list, doesn’t mean I’m actually going to get to them 😉 You never know what is going to start screaming from my stash of projects.  I’m just going to try to stitch from my Stash as much as possible in 2013 and see where I end up.  Probably give my DH a heart attack…





2012 Finishes in Review

Published December 21, 2012 by khill41818

I feel like such a slacker this year.  I haven’t gotten nearly as many finishes as I have in past years!  Of course in past years, I wasn’t constantly running with the kids 6 days a week either.  Nor did I help move my parents’ business and spend a good chunk of a month helping turbo pack everything for the move!

Here’s what I managed to finish this year:

1.  Britty Kitty:  Yum-Yum

2.  Britty Kitty:  Bad Cat!

3.  If Cats Could Talk

4.  Primitive Wizard of Oz

5.  Amigurumi Pokemon – Ekins

6.  Rabbit Family Tree

7.  Boo Club by L*K

8.  Prayer Shawl for my aunt

So while that list seems measily, I did have some major progress on a number of other BAPXS projects.

1.  Broadway by Silver Lining- all the cross stitching is done, just need to work on the back-stitching (which I hate with a passion!)

2.  Connections by Mystic Stitch – finished another page on the bears.

3.  Singing Mermaid Sampler – Currently on pages 9/10 out of 21 – I think I was on page 2 when I picked it up again 🙂

I guess I did get quite a bit done.  Unfortunately, I have SABLE probably X15 now, and once I get my HAED layaway order paid off, that will probably jump to X17 or so!  At least it keeps me busy and occupied in my spare time ROFLMAO!!!